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Dog Walking

Some of the greatest treasures we place in museums,

others we take for walks - Roger Caras

A tired dog is a good dog.  Exercise and exploration is very important to the well being of your four legged family member.  We all know that life gets busy, let us walk your dog for you and bring some fun to their day.  


We allow sniffing, squirrel watching, rolling in the grass, picking up sticks and splashing in the water if we come across a stream and the weather is nice. 

We do not allow eating of random things found, stepping on your neighbors flowers or not being polite.  


While taking your dog on a walk it is our policy not to meet other dogs on leash. Your dogs safety is our top priority.  Leashes can get tangled and not all dogs are friendly. We use positive reinforcement methods and the commands that you use with your dog.


Once we have established a routine that's when the true adventure begins!

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